Happiness for Husbands: A Father’s Advice to His Daughter

The following article obtained from a 1960 issue of Reader’s Digest contains some pieces of advice that a father gave to his daughter.

I personally found the father’s advice to be full of wisdom, and thus decided to post it in my blog.

7 thoughts on “Happiness for Husbands: A Father’s Advice to His Daughter”

  1. Wow. SubhanAllah this is so beautiful..and surprising to see that once such an aricle was published in readers digest.
    *Sigh*…how the times and minds have changed. One can only imagine the uproar if such an article was to be published in todays world!

    Jazakallah khair for sharing. May you be gifted with a wife who will follow all these advices inshallah. (ameen)

    Was salaam

    1. It is indeed unthinkable that any media in our time would publish such article. Let alone non-Muslims, many of our own Muslim sisters will definitely have hard time swallowing the advice given here. This article is thus an indication of how drastically the minds and attitude of people have changed over within a half century.

      However, the truth and the words of wisdom are always old fashioned and they do not change. So yea, Ameen to your prayer 🙂

      1. Yes indeed brother stranger, I think we have already had a taster reaction from Muslim sisters in another board lately, over issues that are a lot less difficult to swallow than everything mentioned in this article.

        Anyhow, despite having known what Readers Digest was, I still double checked it to make sure I have got this right. And even then, only believed it because its a 1960 issue, lol.
        I want to write all of this up in word and keep a copy inshallah. If I was to forward it, would you want me to pur your name/link down after having said ‘Readers Digest’ ?
        Don’t want to go against your websites “copyright laws” 🙂

  2. Actually, I am not a reader of Reader’s Digest. Few days before I graduated from my high school in 2006, the school library discarded many old magazines. I picked up some copies of Reader’s Digest to read during the summer before my university classes started. I discovered this amazing article in one of them. I checked the date and found that this was a 1960 edition of Reader’s Digest.

    I preserved that copy thinking that if I am ever asked about my expectation from my would be bride, I would simply produce this article as my answer.

    After I have started my blog, I decided to share it with the world. So, I have scanned it and put it here.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the copy anymore with me (if I had I would have scanned the date to show you the proof). While cleaning our house one day, my mother discarded it and I didn’t resist much either, thinking I already have an electronic copy of the article that I want to preserve.

    Regarding forwarding this article to other websites, I would love my blog link to be put at the end. A free publicity can’t be bad for my blog, can it be? 😉

  3. Brother, have you managed to get away showing this as your expectation to any family?
    I will warn you of the reaction you should expect from most, lol. I dont even want to think what would be the outcome if a brother came asking for my sisters hand in marriage with this article in his hand, my mother would blow him to pieces – (nicely put). Haha

    You dont have to prove the date. Its not that I didn’t believe that – thats actually what made it worthwhile believing; that such an article is only associated to Readers Digest because its from half a century back.
    Inshallah it wont take me long to type it all up anyway.

    Ok inshallah I’ll gift you the free publicity..If from today onwards you become very popular, remember I was the cause , lol 😉

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