Interviewing Myself

Why have you started this blog? What this blog is about?

I have opened this blog to mainly write either about outside exercises and norms which have been incorporated or aligned with Islam very shrewdly, but are not in fact compatible with the Deen (religion) of Allah, or about Islamic rituals and practices which have been reinterpreted or redefined in a way that they no longer represent what the classical scholars of Islam had said about them.

For example, if you ask a Muslim today if the concept of nationalism is compatible with Islam, majority of them will answer in positive. However, as I have dissected in this article, critical analysis reveals that this concept is totally alien to Islam, and is not compatible with Islam at all.

To understand how an erroneous interpretation of an Islamic practice becomes the norm, take the example of hijab. Hijab has been made equal to head scarf only, but as expounded in this article, hijab is actually much more than a headscarf.

I believe this to be a trial that has befallen upon us because of our own shortcomings in our duty towards Allah. What has exacerbated this trying situation is the emergence of some scholars (or falsifiers?) who are now actively engaged in proliferation of Islamically non-compatible alien ideas and flawed interpretations of  Islamic concepts, with a view to coming up with a watered-down Islam. Being cognizant of how reform has strayed them from the straight path of previously revealed divine scriptures, taghut governments always welcome such reformed Islam, whereas some Muslims, who always look for some loopholes in the Deen of Allah, find such sugarcoated Islam appeasing as it allows them to fit in the western society without requiring them to discard the ‘Proud Muslim’ tag.

This process of watering down Islam by misinterpreting its firmly established concepts or appending non-Islamic concepts with Islam has many different dimensions, and below are some of them, about which I plan to write gradually inshallah:

  • Not taking a clear stand about an issue saying that the issue at hand is not black and white, while in fact the stand is not taken only because of the fear that it will cause the stand taker to lose his or her popularity.
  • Concealment of knowledge. You see two groups of Muslims having difference over an issue, and you know that the majority is in the wrong stand, yet you do not express the true and right knowledge with the fear that you will lose the support of the majority.
  • Manipulating Islam to attain worldly goals.
  • Giving fatwa (religious edict) to please the Christian and Jew masters.
  • Trying to make defeatist man made theories like patriotism, democracy, and feminism compatible with Islam and Shariah, although they are not compatible at all.
  • Abandoning labels saying the Ummah needs to be united, while knowing that there are some sects or groups that are in manifest error.

Aside from articles regarding these issues, you will find in my blog articles related to self-reflections, self-improvement, issues concerned with work, marriage and relationship, social problem, and social injustice. Occasionally I may post book reviews and picture only posts too.

Are you a Scholar of Islam?

I am not a scholar of Islam. I am also not a student of knowledge. That is why I have placed a disclaimer at the bottom left corner of my blog. Please take a note of that disclaimer message.

However, Islam is my passion. To be honest, Islam is the only thing in this world that I am truly interested and passionate about. The Deen of Allah has given me my identity. It has liberated me. It has connected me with my Lord, and it has given my life the meaning and purpose. Islam is everything to me, and that is why I write about Islam.

Tell us more about yourself.

            Please visit the About Shardul page.

What is the meaning of the word “theshardulofallah”?

The actual phrase is “the Shardul of Allah”. The world Shardul means tiger. Thus the phrase means The Tiger of Allah.

This is my pen name.

Why you have chosen the slogan “If no one responds to your call, move alone…”?

Today when I see Islam getting misinterpreted or twisted for miserable worldly gains, I feel that I have two possible ways of reacting:

01.  I can follow the straight path, and I can secretly isolate myself from those who perpetrate such heinous plots against the Deen of Allah in the guise serving His Deen.

02.  I follow the straight path, but I also voice my refutations of those erroneous concepts and make my stand clear in public.

I have chosen the second course. Lest Allah accuses me on the Day of Judgment that it was my fear of losing my popularity among my friends, or my fear of being abandoned by my family and relatives, or my fear of losing my job, or my fear of decline in any of my worldly business that prevented me from speaking the truth in public, I therefore consider it imperative that I make my stance public and talk against the corrupters of Islam. In matters of speaking the truth, Allah should be sufficient for the believers, and thus I have chosen the slogan, “If no one responds to your call, move alone…”

In my pursuit of exposing corruption and hypocrisy, I draw my inspiration from Abu Dhar Gifaari (May Allah be pleased with him), a great companion of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) who was the most outspoken against corruption and injustice. When the luxury and corruption were becoming common among the Muslim rulers, it was Abu Dhar (May Allah be pleased with him), who would always speak against them in public and warn them. However, as it happens with many speakers of truth, they find no allies with them. Abu Dhar (May Allah be pleased with him) did not find any either. He continued his lone battle of speaking the truth and exposing the corruption as long as he was able to, and during the last phase of his life, he resort to live an isolated life in the outskirts of Madinah. There this great companion died alone, and fulfilled the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) about him, “You will walk alone, die alone, and resurrect alone.”

Who is the audience of your blog?

Since majority of my posts are full of Islamic terminologies, the audience of my blog is primarily Muslims. However, I plan to put up a glossary, which will facilitate non-Muslim readers to understand my articles better if someone happens to come across and read them.

Will you host guest post?

Yes I will, if I like your post ;). You can submit your post through contact me button.

Any last words?

I would like to remind myself the following three things:

01.  Pen is considered to be the second tongue. I therefore need to remember the following verse from the Holy Quran:

Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher (an angel) by him ready (to record it). [The Holy Quran 50:18]

02.  I should constantly keep my intention in check. Sincerity in intention is a serious matter, because the opposite of sincerity is hypocrisy. Am I writing to please Allah, or am I writing to become popular or gain some miserable worldly gain at the expense of my akhirah? Constantly keeping the intention in check is a daunting challenge, as the Shaytan never ceases in his attempt to corrupt our intention, and I therefore pray that Allah makes this challenge easy for me.

03.  Bloggers and website owners do easily become arrogant. This is a fact that most bloggers and website owners find hard to admit. Most of the time they feel that the opinion they express in their blog or website is the most correct opinion, and even when someone corrects them, their ego makes them brush aside those corrections. They persist on their stubbornness. This is clear arrogance. I pray to Allah that He keeps my heart free from arrogance, pride, and ego, and make me a very humble and obedient slave of Him.

Finally one request to my dear readers: please keep me and my family in your duas.

[PS. This post will also answer Frequently Asked Questions for my blog.]

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