My Pet Peeves

  1. Muslims who do not say ﷺ or May Allah’s greetings and peace be upon him upon hearing or pronouncing the name of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ).
  2. People who make condensing or offensive remarks at your face, and then quickly add, “I was just joking” or “No offense” or “Don’t take it personally” or “I am telling you so that you can learn” or a smiley icon. You know when you are insulting someone, and you know that you cannot hide your intention from Allah, and there is therefore absolutely no need to follow up your comment with a remark that barely conceals your insult. Such hypocritical addendum only puts salt in the wound.
  3. People who confuse W with V and vice-versa. Like “Have you not opened the walwe (valve) yet?”
  4. When people come to mosque or in public places with bad body odor and I cannot say anything.
  5. Sharing romantic poem or প্রেমের কবিতা in Facebook. Please, no one, absolutely no one wants to know how deep the love’s arrow has pierced your heart.  Be a man and keep your love life within yourself.
  6. People who sweet talk, but you can easily understand that they are meaning something mean in their heart. To those people: Your silence will serve me better than your sweet words, which you mean otherwise in your heart.
  7. The professor is teaching, and suddenly someone asks a stupid question that even the questioner also has no clue about. The professor responds nonetheless, and the whole class feels that it has been taken as hostage.
  8. Those who use swear words and think that it is cool. NO, it t is not cool; using swear words is absolutely disgusting and outright indecent and immodest.
  9. When banks claim how much they care about its customers, and when corporations say how much they care about environment. The sky has a limit, but the hypocrisy of the banks and the corporations has no limit.
  10. People who carry one sided conversation, and do not give you any chance to talk. Why don’t such people talk with a wall instead?
  11. Professors who spend 15 minutes of a 45 minutes lecture on taking attendance and reminding students how missing a class will affect their grade. What these professors need to be reminded about is students would have come automatically had they were not so dumb in teaching.
  12. People who write Facebook statues or forum comments as if they are writing in a chat box. “Pls PeOpLe dOn tYpE LiKe ThIs in FaCeBoOk & FoRum; de R dif4nt den mSn”.
  13. Email with no subject. All email service providers need to incorporate the Gmail feature, which prompts the senders to write a subject for their email if it finds the subject field to be empty.
  14. Workaholic bosses who perceive people around them to be workaholic like them. May Allah have mercy on these workaholic creatures, who live to work (and for overtime money probably).
  15. People who borrow stuff (money, book etc) with the intention of never returning them. If someone asks from you 100 riyals, and you perceive that your money will not be returned once given, give him or her whatever is convenient for you for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of sparing yourself the harassment of the false hope of getting your money back.
  16. People who fail to turn off their cell phones in the mosque. The need for a cell phone and other gadgets is not absolute need, because life went on perfectly when we did not have them. Be honest with yourself; you can attend congregational prayers without them if you want.
  17. Saying “What’s Up?” instead of “How are you?” I have been speaking English for several years, and I am yet to figure out how I should respond when someone suddenly asks, “Hey, What’s up?”
  18. When someone with a full cart of groceries gets into the 10 items or less line. Once I came across a guy who had like 75+ items in his cart, and when he was told to leave the 10 items or less counter, he still claimed that he had less than 10 items. Because according to him, 30 bottles of Puck cheese should count as one item as all of them are same. Not a bad logic.
  19. A public service desk attendant who ignores the customer standing in front of the desk to help someone on the phone, and keeps talking as if no one is standing in front of the desk.
  20. Parents who do not see any fault with their children, no matter how spoiled they are.
  21. Drivers who do not notice the change of signal light from red to green because they are talking in their cell phone, probably with their girl friends.
  22. Narcissist personality.
  23. Tattoos.
  24. Those who say, “I am a humanist first, then I am a Muslim.” They are hypocrites because when they say that they are humanist first, they automatically give the message that Islam is not a humane religion.
  25. Feminists.

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