Two Beautiful Supplications

Supplication 1: Led by Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais

Shiekh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais, the Chief of the Imams of the Masjidul Haram, has been leading the special supplication that is said after the completion of the Holy Quran for many years. Because of not knowing Arabic, I never knew the beauty of such duas. However, thanks to Sister Shaykha, who in collaboration with her brother, translated one such dua into English for the non-Arabic speakers. They had to spend countless number of hours to produce this amazing work, and I pray to Allah in this holy month to abundantly reciprocate them.

When I first followed this melodious dua along with the translation, I was totally enthralled by its matchless beauty and humility. The dua has already crossed 300 thousand views, which is another testament of its beauty and power.

An excerpt of the dua:

O Allah! All praise be to You. You have stated, and Your statement is the clear Truth. “And whose word can be truer than Allah’s?” “Who is truer in statement than Allah?” “Say: Allah speaks the Truth: follow the religion of Abraham (pbuh), the upright.” “Blessed is He who sent down the Criterion (the Quran) upon His Servant (Muhammad (ﷺ)) that he may be to the creation a warner” [25:1] We bear witness what our Lord, the Creator and the Sustainer, has stated. We deny nothing of what He created, and bought into existence. Glory be to Allah who has not taken to Himself a son or a partner.

Praise be to Allah for the blessing of the Quran. You have facilitated us reciting Your Mighty Book. We ask You to make the Quran the joy of our hearts, the light of our breasts, the relief of our sorrow, the comfort of our grief, the means to attaining closeness to You, and our guide to Your Gardens of Bliss.

O Allah! By it (the Quran), dress us with garments and inhibit us in (Your) shade, push by it the calamities and increase the blessings with it, and make us (by the Quran) on the Judgment Day among the victorious, and during the comfort from the thankful and in the misfortune from the patient. And (by Quran) do not make us from whom are misguided by devils, then made busy with the worldly life and away from deen (religion), then is regretful and in the hereafter among the losers.

O Allah! Remind us what we forget and teach us what we are ignorant about in it (the Quran), and guide us to recite it at night and morning in a manner that most pleases You.

O Allah! Make us among those who deem lawful what is lawful and deem unlawful what is unlawful, and those who adhere to its (Quran’s) clear commandments and believe in its allegorical verses.

O Allah! Make the Glorious Quran the cure of our illness, the clearer of our sight, the atonement of our sins, and our savior from Hell. O Allah! Make us among those who read the noble Quran and rise, not among those who read the noble Quran and then become miserly (for not following it).

O Allah make us among the people of Quran, who are Your people, particularly Your close people, O Possessor of Majesty and Honor!

O Allah! Make us of the listeners of the Book (Quran), and from among them its commanding submitters, and make us those rewarded for completing its recitation. And guide us to remember You in all states, and guide us to turn to You in all our matters, O Most Merciful of all who shows mercy, O Lord of the ‘Alamin (the heavens and the earth and everything in between).

O Allah! Benefit us and raise us in ranks by the Glorious Quran, which You have exalted, and made manifest it’s proofs and established its authority.

You Almighty, Glory be to You, have stated, “And when We have recited it to you [O Muhammad SAW through Jibrael (Gabriel)], then follow you it’s (the Quran’s) recital. Then it is for Us (Allah) to make it clear to you” [75:18-19], the best of Your Books, and the clearest in stating what is lawful and unlawful, unique in style and eloquence. Its evidence is apparent, it is protected from adding or omission (corruption), contained in it are glad tidings, warnings and admonitions, “Falsehood cannot come to it from in front of it or behind it, a revelation from the All-Wise and the Praise-worthy.

Another part of the dua that forever stuck in my heart is:

Allah! I’ve lost hope from everyone except from you, and I’m disappointed of everyone except of you, and I’m weakened by my dependence on everyone except on you! So Allah, please do not expel me from your side! If you did, then there are no power and no strength except in you, Allah! Whoever has asked you, and then you have deprived him? (None). Whoever has called you and you discarded him? (None). All praise for you Allah!

This supplication was delivered on the 29th night of Ramadan of 1429 H upon the completion of the Holy Quran.

Supplication 2: Led by Sheikh Saud Ibraheem Ash-Shuraim

This video reminds me of those good old days when Sheikh Saud Ibraheem Ash-Shuraim used to lead supplications in Masjidul Haram. However, after 1426 H, the imam did not lead any supplication. In one of his interviews he revealed that he himself chose not to lead supplications. Unfortunately, he was not asked why he chose to opt out.

Anyway, the following dua of Sheikh Shuraim is matchless in terms of its style of deliverance. Because of its unique style of delivery, this dua has always worked for me as an imaan booster. If I am downcast and need inspiration, I watch this dua. If I feel that my heart has hardened too much, I watch this dua. If I need to pacify my heart from the temptations of an evil or a sin, I watch this dua.

The improvisation of this dua is also amazing, and it’s improvisation can be understood from peoples’ response of ameen. The imam became extremely emotional at the end.

Unfortunately, I could not ascertain the date when this supplication was made.

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