Lets take a walk..

r e a l i t i e s

Lets take a walk , like we used to… to nowhere. Holding hands and talking..discussing.. and defining nothing..but talking. Enjoying a conversation that has no meaning. Excited about the walk. The togetherness. Lets take that walk again… me and you.

A walk without purpose. A walk on a beach, a garden or a road. A walk during the day , evening or night. Lets take that walk again. Just you and me. Celebrating us. Celebrating our existence and meeting. That walk which in itself is pleasure. A walk so long and so far that many would get so tired, yet we do not tire nor do our legs feel pain. You look at me and express nonsense with joy , I smile at you and nod as if I understand. Then I tell you a story with so much excitement and you say “wow” , yet you did not hear…

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