Eid Mubarak!

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I was listening to a lecture of Mufti Ismail Menk where he gave a beautiful analogy while describing how we go back to sins and pre-Ramadan mode as soon as the Ramadan ends. Suppose you have prepared a big report in Microsoft Word. If the computer crashes suddenly and after restarting, if you find that no back up copy has been saved, how would you feel? You will feel tremendous remorse. Post Ramadan Shaytan exactly wants us to feel that way. When Shaytan is set free at end of Ramadan, he comes out extremely angry. He is furious over the fact he was not allowed to lead human beings to astray for a whole month. Therefore, at the beginning of Shawwal, Shaytan implements all possible means to seduce us to a sin, preferably a big one that has the potential to destroy all the hasanaat that we have collected. Shaytan knows that if he can commit us to a big sin after Ramadan, we will feel a remorse that cannot be measured. Plus he also knows that our remorse will only compound when we will ponder over the fact that Ramadan comes once a year and there is no guarantee that we will experience another Ramadan. So it is up to us: Do we want to give up and allow Shaytan to win this battle?

Also we should remember that committing the first sin after Ramadan is always very difficult. Because our rejuvenated spirituality will strongly resist the urge to disobey Allah. However, Shaytan exactly aims to break that resistance of our spirituality. Once that barrier is broken by committing the first sin after Ramadan, seducing us to more sins becomes easier for Shaytan. Because he can then say, “Dude, you have already undone your Ramadan. So what is the problem if you commit sins again?”

I ask Allah to accept our good deeds that He enabled us to perform out of His mercy during the month of Ramadan. I also ask Him to grant us the ability to sustain the spiritual high that we have attained during the blessed month.

Eid Mubarak!

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