Cooking Adventure: How to Cook Yummy Pasta (Pictorial Recipe)

Currently my mom is away from home, which gives me the opportunity to engage in cooking adventures. Most adventures do not have yummy ends, but some of them do. Today inshallah I will share one cooking adventure with you that had an yummy end.

How to Cook Yummy Pasta:

What you will need: 500 grams of pasta, 200 grams of minced carrot and green chick peas, 200 grams of pre-cooked minced meat, 2-3 green chilies, 2 medium sized onions, 2 soup stocks of instant noodles, oil to cook, coriander leaves, and cooking utensils. It will produce about 6-7 servings.

P1040636 [640x480] Step 1. Boil the pasta. Fill a container with water and add salt to taste. When the water comes to boil, add the pasta. While boiling the pasta, stir them frequently to prevent pasta pieces from sticking together. After about 7-8 minutes, when the water again comes to boil, take out a pasta and taste it to check if it has been cooked adequately. Pasta must be boiled perfectly. If your pasta is over boiled or under boiled, your pasta will not turn out to be yummy. Once the pasta is boiled, drain the water out.

P1040637 [640x480]Step 2. Slice two medium sized onions into thin pieces.

P1040640 [640x480]Step 3. Chop two green chilies into small pieces.

P1040647 [640x480]Step 4. Chop a few coriander leaves and keep them aside.

P1040648 [640x480]Step 5. While boiling the pasta, also boil small pieces of carrots and green chick peas in a separate pot. Once they are properly boiled, drain out the water and keep the vegetables aside.

P1040650 [640x480]Step 6. This a soup stock that comes along with small packets of instant noodles. Keep one or two such stocks, depending on the amount of pasta you are cooking, ready for later use.

P1040656 [640x480]Step 7. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a cauldron and add the sliced onions and chilies. Fry them for a few minutes.

P1040659 [640x480]Step 8. Add the boiled vegetables and also fry them for a while.

P1040661 [640x480]Step 9. Add the pasta. Fry them along with`onions, chilies, and vegetables.

P1040662 [640x480]Step 10. Spread over instant noodles soup stock over the pasta. Then give the whole mixture a good stir.

P1040667 [640x480]Step 11. Add minced meat with the pasta. These minced meat should be pre-cooked.

P1040669 [640x480]Step 12. Finally when you have adequately fried the pasta, add minced coriander leaves and give it a last stir.

P1040672 [640x480]Step 13. Serve yummy noodles. Say bismillah and start eating. While eating, thank Allah and give yourself a pat on the back for successfully bringing your cooking adventure to a yummy end.

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