40 Things that Make Me Happy


Recently I have discovered a page in Facebook called the Happy Page. The admins of this page take inputs from people of what makes them happy and then illustrate it through a picture. They have now over thousands illustrations. The page has inspired me to make my list of 40 things which make me happy 🙂

  1. Happiness is when you think about your future spouse (who you still do not know) and dream all those happily ever after dreams, despite knowing that happily ever after will only happen in Jannah.
  2. Happiness is working on Thursday, because you know that the next two days will be weekend.
  3. Happiness is when you overcome writer’s block and post a blog post.
  4. Happiness is when you receive a new comment.
  5. Happiness is when you visit a country and stay in a five star hotel and your company pays for everything.
  6. Happiness is when your mom is happy.
  7. Happiness is when you think that you have a tough disease and your doctor says that it is nothing.
  8. Happiness is cooking a special dish and serving it to your family members.
  9. Happiness is defeating Shaitan by staying away from a sin that you are tempted to.
  10. Happiness is being able to pour your heart in your dua.
  11. Happiness is when you enjoy the sweetness of imaan (faith).
  12. Happiness is when you go for umrah.
  13. Happiness is when you come home from work and find that you mom has cooked your favorite meal.
  14. Happiness is looking at new cars (or luxurious homes illustrated in a real estate magazine) although you are not going to own them.
  15. Happiness is making a journey by plane.
  16. Happiness is when the imam recites a surah in the prayer that you know by heart.
  17. Happiness is getting an opportunity to recite Quran in microphone.
  18. Happiness is when you attain your daily target of self-improvement goal.
  19. Happiness is when you memorize a new surah from the Quran.
  20. Happiness is dreaming about how your life would be when you get your dream job.
  21. Happiness is when you break your fast and eat your mommy-made iftaar like there is no tomorrow.
  22. Happiness is finding the perfect pen to put your signature.
  23. Happiness is listening to the Quran of your favorite qurra after a stressful day and forgetting everything around.
  24. Happiness is suddenly remembering your good old days when you did not have the worries you are having now.
  25. Happiness is finishing all your exams.
  26. Happiness is when you see a cute child in the masjid or in the mall and think that InShaAllah Allah will also bless you with a cute child like her in future.
  27. Happiness is driving below 120 kph from Ras Laffan to Doha on a moon lit night after a long, hard day of work and enjoying the silence in your car.
  28. Happiness is when you unexpectedly receive a day off from work (like the day off we received when Shaykh Tamim was inaugurated as the new Emir of Qatar).
  29. Happiness is when your company sends you for a training that includes morning breakfast and lunch and you get a break from your regular grinding.
  30. Happiness is when the imam whose recitation you like comes to lead the prayer.
  31. Happiness is when you do a good deed.
  32. Happiness is getting the opportunity to delve into the world of silence when you really need some time alone.
  33. Happiness is when you find someone whom you can express your issues without him or her being judging you for having these issues.
  34. Happiness is sitting at Al-Khor Chorniche alone at night when the Chorniche is deserted and listening to the sounds of waves.
  35. Happiness is staying at home.
  36. Happiness is pizza (and many other foods).
  37. Happiness is when you come out of toilet fully emptying your intestine.
  38. Happiness is a side pillow.
  39. Happiness is when you suddenly wake up from your sleep and you discover that you can still sleep one or two hours before you have to wake up for work.
  40. Happiness is sleeping until 11 AM on Saturdays.

7 thoughts on “40 Things that Make Me Happy”

  1. Here’s for number 4

    I agree with 2,6…um wait, I agree with most of them and even though I don’t work/drive, the sound of those things are kind of relaxing.

    Happiness is waking up for fajr without an alarm (happens once in a while Alhamdulilah)
    Happiness is having your wudhu on the whole day.
    Happiness is when your favorite Surah is being recited on the radio.
    Happiness is submitting your research paper few minutes before deadline.
    Happiness is when my parents are proud of me.

    And the list goes on. I believe there should be a “Grateful page” as well, so that we can remind people to be grateful for all the little blessings in life and to be thankful to Allah for them.

    1. Thanks for making me happy. Absolutely agree about relating happiness with gratefulness to Allah. Verily, if we count the blessings of Allah, we would never be able to count them, let alone being adequately thankful to Him.

      1. This video made by an award winning cinematographer is worth watching. Its all about gratefulness and being happy.

  2. Loved your list and I’ve enjoyed so much reading it. Made me laugh with the five star hotel. It feels great I know. 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more with the 30. 🙂

  3. I loved your list, too!
    #37 just cracked me up..haha..but yeah, it gives happiness and especially if you make wudhu right after that and exit the bathroom fully content.
    Oh and I can’t agree more with #3 and #4!
    I really loved this idea of jotting down the things that define happiness, and I’ve started making my personal list, alhamdulillah. It’s a feel good activity, alhamdulillah. So yeah, thanks for the inspiration. JazakAllaah Khayr.
    Here are some of my reasons for happiness:
    – Happiness is doing a voluntary act of worship, like praying Salat-ad-duha.
    – Happiness is looking at the sky and knowing deep within that Allaah ‘azza wa jall is your Protector.
    – Happiness is making pefect round chappatis.
    – Happiness is eating fresh ripe figs. (Actually, this is total bliss! 🙂 )

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