Captain Majed and Mama’s Love


Yesterday I was looking at pictures of life in Qatar in the 90’s when I came across this picture of Captain Majed. Captain Majed was a popular Arabic cartoon we used to watch in QTV in the 90’s.  We never understood the plot of this cartoon series because of not knowing Arabic, but from what is apparent, Captain Majed is a brilliant football player who would always find a way or another to score a goal.

We would not only watch this cartoon, but we would also collect stickers that would come along with Captain Majed wafer bars. We had  a sticker book and we had to collect around fifty unique stickers of Captain Majed to collect a prize. After opening a wafer bar, if we had discovered a sticker that we already had in our collection, we would get disappointed.

In the 90’s, once my mother became very sick. She would cry whole day out of her suffering, and more out of the fear about what might happen to her little boys if she had died from her sickness. Even during that intense sickness, one day after I had opened a Captain Majed wafer bar, my mom asked me if I had won a new Captain Majed sticker.

Subhanallah! This is the love of mother. Even during that time of intense suffering, she cared about trifling things like Captain Majed sticker. She cared if her little boys had found a new sticker or not.

O Allah! I ask You to accept this act of sincere kindness of my mother and I ask You to reciprocate this good deed of her with nothing but the highest level of paradise! Ameen!

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