Memories of Ramadan 1435

As usual my mom cooked a lot of foods. I had requested mom to keep things simple, but she cooked anyways.

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Allah blessed me with the opportunity to perform umrah in Ramadan. Here are some pictures:

20140715_094532-1 (Copy)
I have been to Kingdom many times; yet I was confused for a while thinking if this was a signage for men or women’s toilet.

20140715_113947 (Copy) This Pakistani boy in our bus stole my heart. His name is Erham. He is a class 1 student. He came to Qatar with his mom on a visit visa. I had asked him, “Which place do you like more? Qatar or Pakistan?” “Qatar,” Erham replied.


“Udhar garmi jada hay 😦

20140715_113907_3 (Copy) Erham is feeling sleepy. In my opinion, children of four nations are the most cute and the most beautiful: Arab, Turk, Pakistani, and South-east Asian. Hearing this, one of my colleagues once told me, “Khallas, Allah has allowed us to marry four, so marry one from each of those nations and have a lot of beautiful children.” I can only dream 🙂

20140715_210934-1 (Copy)
A multi-lingual restaurant serving multi-ethnic food.

20140716_044200_1 (Copy) Only in the Kingdom you will only see trucks beautified with the glorification of Allah.

20140717_144214 (Copy)
So many people drink zamzam with left hand that the officials of Haram now posted this signage near all zamzam sinks.

20140717_155342 (Copy)
The House of Allah.

“Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah – blessed and a guidance for the worlds.” [The Noble Quran 3:96]

20140726_032411 (Copy)
Nothing would distract me more during tawaf than the children. Allah said:

“Wealth and children are [but] adornment of the worldly life.” [The Noble Quran 18:46]

20140719_190504 (Copy)
I really appreciated this simple iftaar at the Haram – dates with Arabic Coffee. I wish I could have such simple iftaar at home.

20140719_205407 (Copy) Really enjoyed the sense of brotherhood on the roof of Haram every evening.

20140720_210637_3-1 (Copy) Loved these green glows in the minarets of Haram. It is a Saudi tradition to put green lights in the minarets of their mosques.

Screenshot_2014-07-19-18-42-09 (Copy) I could get free wifi near Dar At-Tawheed Intercontinental.

20140721_235312-1 (Copy) Allah is glorified everywhere in the Kingdom.

20140721_210712-1 (Copy) You can see the glorification of Allah even in the boom of the crane!

20140729_060925 (Copy)
Whenever I go the City of the Prophet (ﷺ), the following verse comes to my mind:

“It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion. And sufficient is Allah as Witness.” [The Noble Quran 48:28]

So what if someone refuses to follow and obey our Prophet (ﷺ)? Allah has testified that Muhammad (ﷺ) is His Messenger, and after this testimony, even if all the humans and the jinns refuse to follow him (ﷺ), it would not diminish anything from the profile of our Prophet (ﷺ).

Here are some clips I recorded during Ramadan. Please note that these clips have been recorded with a cell phone. Therefore, please use your head phone while listening to them.

Shaykh Hamdi
Shaykh Hamdi is from Yemen. He is the imam of Masjid Sarah Bint Saqr at Bin Omran. He is a prolific reciter of the Quran. Allah has blessed him with a very beautiful voice.

Taraweeh- 16 Ramadan 1435 – Masjid Sarah

Shaykh Yousuf Aasheer
Yusuf Aasheer
Yousuf Ahmad Asheer is one of imams of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque, the State Mosque of Qatar. In my opinion, he is the best Qatari Qaari.

Yousuf Aasheer-Taraweeh-3 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque
Yousuf Aasheer-Taraweeh-5 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque
Yousuf Aasheer-Taraweeh-7 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque

Shaykh Abdul Karim
Abdel Karim
Shaykh Abdul Karim was invited to lead taraweeh for a few nights at Qatar State Mosque. I am not a fan of Shaykh Abdul Karim’s recitation, but this year, he lead a few rakahs of taraweeh where he recited in a different tone. I liked his other tone of recitation.

Abdul Karim-Taraweeh-7 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque
Abdul Karim-Taraweeh-12 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque
Abdul Karim-Taraweeh-13 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque
Abdul Karim-Witr-13 Ramadan 1435-Qatar State Mosque

Shaykh S’aud Shuraim
In my book, he is the best reciter of the Book of Allah. Recordings actually cannot capture the beauty of his recitation. To fully appreciate his recitation, one must listen to his recitation live at the Haram.

Shaykh Shuraim-21 Ramadan-Qiyam-Masjidul Haram
Shaykh Shuraim-23 Ramadan-Qiyam-Masjidul Haram
Shaykh Shuraim-25 Ramadan-Qiyam-Masjidul Haram
Shaykh Shuraim-29 Ramadan-Qiyam-Masjidul Haram

Shaykh Abdullah Awwad Al-Juhany: Shaykh Juhany is another very prolific reciter of the Quran. Again, recordings cannot capture the beauty of his recitation. You have got to listen to him live in the Haram.
Shaykh Juhany-23 Ramadan-Taraweeh-Masjidul Haram
Shaykh Juhany-24 Ramadan-Taraweeh-Masjidul Haram
Shaykh Juhany-26 Ramadan-Taraweeh-Masjidul Haram

Shaykh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais: Shaykh Sudais was also very prolific this year. He recited beautifully most of the nights.

Shaykh Sudais-29 Ramadan-Taraweeh-Masjidul Haram

O Allah! All praise is for You!
You have allowed us to experience another Ramadan.
You have honored us by sending your Messenger and sending down Your revelation upon him.
O Allah! All praise is for You, for You have made belief and good deeds beloved in our hearts.
O Allah! We have not worshiped You as You should be worshiped.
O Allah! We have not thanked You as You should be thanked.
O Allah! We have not given You the measure that is due to You.
O Allah! You are as You have praised Yourself.
O Allah! We seek refuge with You in Your Pleasure from Your Wrath.
O Allah! We seek refuge with You in Your Mercy from Your Punishment.
O Allah! We seek refuge with You from You.
O Allah! Forgive our sins and accept our good deeds, which we were able to perform because of Your mercy.
O Allah! Increase us in obedience to You and Your Messenger.
O Allah! Make us witness many more Ramadans.
Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Muhammad, Wa Ala Alihi Wa Sahbihi Wa Sallim.

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