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Posters: Non-confrontational Dawah/Naseeha Tools regularly publishes interesting Islamic posters. Today I will share four posters from their website. I like posters because posters could be an alternative mean of transmitting messages that are sometimes difficult to pass by verbally. For example, were you ever able to confront a brother who would come to mosque with a bad body odor or a brother who would burp loudly during taraweeh salah? However, by simply suspending a poster in the masjid wall, we can easily convey our message to the intended audience without any verbal confrontation. A poster message (of course by the leave of Allah) may awaken a reflection in the heart of the person reading it and he or she may change as a result of this reflection.

Intended audience: Muslims youth who have subscribed to this fashion.
This poster should be hung in the sisters' prayer area of the mosque. I do not know about the Muslim sisters in other geographical area, but camel hump is still very prevalent even among the abaya-wearing Arab sisters.
For brothers again!
This poster could be a must in every mosque.

Do Not Expose Your Satr in Salah

PS: Unfortunately I forgot where I got this picture from (it was stored in my hard drive for a while)  and thus cannot quote the link of its source. However, whoever has made this poster has done a very good job and has captured a very important message.

Website Blocker

This is a copyrighted cartoon and thus I cannot make any change in it. However, being a believer that destroying the source of sin the best way to keep away from it, I thought that the following caption would be appropriate regarding the fitnah of pornography in our lives:

“It is not the most sophisticated website blocker that I’ve tried, but it’s the only one that has been truly successful in keeping me away from haraam images.”