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Photos of the Month (Apr ’12): Taliban Store


Scary name, but it is not a scary store.

Taliban Store is one of the few complete tailoring materials store in Doha. Lace, thread (embroidery and general purpose), buttons, beads, chains, lining cloths- tailoring materials of all sorts, color and variety can be found in Taliban Store.

There used to be a cluster of tailoring materials stores in the Shara Kharaba area (popularly known as National) where my mom used to go to shop the tailoring materials she needed. However, all those stores have been demolished soon after the commencement of Mushereib Project construction. So, I now drive her to the Taliban Store.

The store is run by a Pathan. Since the store houses many materials that are very small in size, which have the potential to be stolen easily, the store has been equipped with surveillance cameras.

The prices of all the materials are very reasonable and no haggling is required. Also all the salesmen are very friendly and helpful.

Here are some pictures of some tailoring materials available in Taliban Store. I took these pictures while my mom was busy shopping.


PS. After I have posted these pictures, I Googled ‘Taliban Store’ out of curiosity of see if anything comes up, and have discovered the following mini documentary about it. This documentary was made by Omar Khalifa, program producer for Al-Jazeera English Channel.

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Photos of the Month (March ’12)- Random

Inspired by Susie of Arabia’s Jeddah Photo Journal, a while ago I opened a photo blog. This year I will complete my two decades of living in the State of Qatar, and I had thus concluded that it was time for me to open a blog like that of Ms. Susie where I would be recording images of the things that I come across during my everyday life in this tiny, peaceful gulf state.

However, because of being too busy with work and other commitments, I am simply unable to squeeze enough time to maintain two separate blogs. So, I have closed my photo blog and decided to post a monthly photo album in my current blog instead.

Here is the first photo album:

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