Favorite Quran Clips

Shaykh Saud Ibraheem Shuraim Isha Salat
Fajr Salat
Fajr Salat
Taraweeh (Surah Ahzab)
Live Recording-Shuraim-Ramadan Night 08-1432
Live Recording-Shuraim-Ramadan Night 12-1432
Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sudais Random Clip  
Shaykh Abul Muhsin Al-Qasim Random Clip
Shaykh Adel Kalbani Random Clip
Shaykh Abdul Wali Al-Arkani Isha Salat
Imam of Shaykha Mojah bint Ali bin Saud II Mosque Magrib Salat
Magrib Salat
Imam of Ayesha Bint Kassim Darwish Mosque Random Clip
My Recitation Surah Fath  

6 thoughts on “Favorite Quran Clips”

  1. fabulous sweet voice masha’Allah may Allah bless with long life and prosperity thanks so much sheikh I am grateful to you.

  2. MashAllah, I would really like to meet you. Your recitation is off the hook, your mind is straight, your posts are real, and truly depict how human beings are supposed to be. If you do not mind, what is your profession in Qatar?

    1. And how old are you. May Allah continue to keep you on his Deen, and grant you sincerity in all that you do. – Canada/United Arab Emirates

      1. Thanks brother for dropping by my blog and jazakhallah khair for your kind words. However, it is better if you do not praise me as it would be more helpful in keeping my intention pure.

        I am a slave of Allah and thus my profession is worhsipping Him 😉

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