Invitation to Islam

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

From The Shardul of Allah, out of his responsibility as a Muslim to convey the message brought by Prophet Muhammad ( ﷺ ), the Messenger of Allah, to the non-Muslim slaves of Allah.

“Read in the name of thy Sustainer, who has created.
Created man out of a germ-cell!
Read – for thy Sustainer is the Most Bountiful One
who has taught [man] the use of the pen –
taught man what he did not know.” [The Noble Quran 96:1-5]

“Closer to people draws their reckoning, yet they continue to blithely turn away. Whenever there comes to them a new reminder from their Lord, they listen to it, but take it in jest; their hearts set on (worldly pleasure).” [The Noble Quran 21:1-2]

Peace be upon those who follow true guidance and believe in Allah and His messengers. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and all His messengers, from Adam till Muhammad (May Allah’s peace be upon them), were His slaves and Muhammad (May Allah’s peace be upon him) is His final messenger to humankind.

Allah has no associate. He is the Sovereign, the Holy, the Source of Peace, the Giver of Peace, the Guardian of Faith, and the Preserver of Safety. Allah said in the Quran:

“Do not set up rivals unto Allah (in worship) while you know (that He Alone has the right to be worshipped).” [The Noble Quran 2:22]

To Christians, I bear witness that Allah has taken neither a wife nor a son and I bear witness that Jesus (May Allah’s peace be upon him), the son of Mary, a messenger, is the Word of Allah, which He cast into Mary, the virgin, the good, the pure, so that she conceived Jesus (May Allah’s peace be upon him). Allah created him from His spirit and His breathing as He created Adam (May Allah’s peace be upon him) by His Hand. Allah said in the Quran:

And [for] their saying, “Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah .” And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.Rather, Allah raised him to Himself. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise. [The Noble Quran 4:157-158]

O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “Three (trinity)”; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs. [The Noble Quran 4:171]

Having said so, I call you to Allah alone with no associate and to His obedience and to accept Islam, the complete code of life and the ultimate submission to the will of the Creator, that was revealed to Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Jethro, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Jonah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, John, Jesus and was finally perfected and completed through Prophet Muhammad, the seal of all messengers (May Allah’s peace be upon all of them). Allah have sent messengers to humankind from time to time in infuse fear of Allah in every living person and convey His message, so that the charge may be proved against those who reject the Truth in the Day of Judgment. Allah said:

“And be conscious of the Day on which you shall be brought back unto God, whereupon every human being shall be repaid in full for what he has earned, and none shall be wronged”. [The Noble Quran 2:281]

Whoever accepts Islam and the admonition of Allah, does it for his or her own good. If you embrace Islam, you will find safety and security (both in this world and the hereafter), and Allah, the Sublime, shall reward you doubly (both in this world and the hereafter). But if you refuse to do so, you will have to bear the burden of the transgression.

If you accept this invitation, forward this message to your family members, relatives, and friends. If you reject this invitation, I ask Allah to be witness that I have conveyed the message to you, and I recite to you the following verse from the Holy Quran:
“Say: ‘O people of the Scripture, come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allah.’ Then, if they turn away, say: ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims (the people who submitted to the will of the Creator).’”[The Noble Qur’an 3:64]


01. I have started a project of calling people to Islam through internet, and if you are reading this, you are one such person to receive this invitation. You can consider this invitation the greatest invitation you have ever received, because accepting it would make you saved from a life of eternal regret, of course by the mercy of Allah. That being said, this invitation letter is like any other invitation letter; you can either accept or discard. Allah said:

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trust worthy hand-hold, which never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” [The Noble Qur’an 2:256].

I can only convey the message. I cannot change the heart of people and I will not attempt that either. I leave that in the hand of Allah. He said:

“Verily! You guide not whom you like.” [The Noble Qur’an 28:56]

Allah however guides those who are truly humble and sincere in their approach to find the truth. He said:
“Those who behave arrogantly on the earth in defiance of right – them will I turn away from My signs: Even if they see all the signs, they will not believe in them; and if they see the way of right conduct, they will not adopt it as the way; but if they see the way of error, that is the way they will adopt. For they have rejected Our signs, and failed to take warning from them. Those who reject Our signs and the meeting in the Hereafter, vain are their deeds: Can they expect to be rewarded except as they have wrought?” [The Noble Qur’an 7:146-147]

02. You can read Quran from here:

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