I only post lectures only after listening to it. However, posting a lecture of a scholar does not mean that I blindly follow and agree with that scholar. Posting a certain lecture means I have found the materials presented in that lecture to be authentic according to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah  () .


To err is human and the scholars are no exception. Therefore, personally I do not like to dwell on the mistakes and disagreements. I take whatever I can benefit from, and regarding mistakes and disagreements, I ask Allah to guide and rectify them. 


Lectures that You Should Not Miss


Akhlaq (Character)
The Search for the Sound Soul-Nouman Ali Khan 
Fearing Allah-Nouman Ali Khan
The Search for the Sound Soul-Omar Suleiman 

Fitnah-Kamal El Mekki (A look at the early history of Islam from the khilafa of Uthman Ibn Affan to the khilafa of Abdullah Ibn Az-Zubair.)
Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Series-Yasir Qadhi
Stories from the Seerah – Lessons and Morals by Yasir Qadhi

The End of Musi-Kamal El Mekki

Extermination of Innovation: Day 1 | Day 2 – Abu Musab Wajdi Akkari

Marriage/Family/Relationship/Child Upbringing
The Forbidden Love-Kamal El-Mekki
Fighting Zina-Omar Suleiman
Love and Dating-Omar Suleiman

Quran Weekly-Weekly Reminders From the Quran

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